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AMG Payment Options

Pay By Mail

P.O. Box 52984
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2984

Make checks payable to your association & print AMG account number on the check.

Pay By Bank Draft

Or e-Check

Once or recurring.
No Transaction Fee.

Click Here

Pay By Credit Card

Once or recurring.

A small convenience fee applies.

Click Here

Pay By Telephone


Once or recurring.
A small convenience fee applies.

All transactions require your AMG account number. If you have a billing statement or coupon, the information is printed at the bottom in a series of numbers. Reading from the left, the first set of numbers is the Management Company ID, the second set, the Association ID and the third set, the Account ID. 

If you need our assistance or do not have a billing statement or coupon and need the Management Company, Association or Account ID numbers, click here to have the information emailed to you. 

Recurring payments established prior to December 1, 2015 must be reinitiated based on one of the above options.

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