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At AMG, we believe each client is unique and deserves their own customized hoa services plan to best meet their needs.

Utilizing our years of experience as an association management group, we will work with you to design a service package that will save you money while providing superior service.

Why Choose AMG?

Customized HOA Solutions

Each type of property requires management with an in-depth understanding of the building systems, legal environment in which it is organized, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the members.

AMG's Managers have specialized training, unique systems and HOA community management techniques to help the following types of associations achieve their maximum potential, while assisting in the creation of an appealing environment for all owners. 

  • Condominiums
  • Smaller Associations
  • Larger Associations
  • Golf Course Communities
  • Developer and Bank Services
  • Financial Management

Frequently Requested Services

Our most common requested services include:

Prepared monthly and reflecting all income and expenses in an easy-to-understand format, available online, many in real time.
Our goal is to make every member smile. Our staff receives specialized training which enables AMG to deliver the award-wining customer service.
Utilizing "state of the art" collection and billing techniques, including attorneys who will, at very little cost or not cost to the association, collect delinquent accounts. Account balances available 24/7, online in real time.
Provide proper planning which can make the difference in paying 15% or 30%.
To help insure monies and property of the association are handled legally and properly by certified/designated and bonded professionals.
Determining reserves needed not only for the current year but many years to come.
Assist you to help the association to achieve compliance with laws and assure it's position is fair and enforceable.
Guidance by AMG personnel to assist in architectural control issues to increase property values and avoid problems.
Through neighborhood directories, newsletters and web sites, assist the association in writing, preparation and distribution.
Whether through our qualified in-house staff or our network of vendors, AMG can handle all routine maintenance issues, as well as emergency situations 24-hours a day.

* Actual services as agreed by contract for your association

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