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HOA News Digest 2-16-07

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Updated documents can save big hassles Condominium associations must accommodate many competing interests, including economic interests. When something is broken, it must be fixed. In a condominium, there are only two choices in passing on costs: to the association (with everybody sharing) or to the individual unit owner.
-Not on these doors, Condo Commandos say
Could the Board of Directors of Fort Lauderdale�s Port Condominium (known as "the Port") possibly have intended that in an area with such a large Jewish population, the placing of a mezuzah on an apartment�s doorframe is a forbidden act?
SC: A flood of problems Bill Brown, president of the Fernbrook Association, said the association's insurance, which owners pay for via their regime fee, covers structural damage only, leaving protection of personal property inside the homes up to the homeowners
Can condo homeowners association prohibit room rentals? Masood Ghamaty owns a four-bedroom, three-bathroom condominium at the Colony Hill complex. He occupies his condo and rents rooms to individuals
Towed away and held for ransom Taking your car and holding it hostage for ransom. People who believe they've been victims of "carnapping" claim their vehicles are being illegally towed; taken from private property under business agreements between tow companies and homeowner associations or apartment complex management companies.
Condo market runs aground for investors, but core buyers remain Condominium sales have stalled as investors flee the market and developers who jumped into the sector during the boom of the last three years are turning their attention back to rental apartments, where demand is expected to pick up
City Throws Out Fight for Condo Garbage Pickup� Weber said pickup at Alpine Point would only cost the city an additional $4,400 a year but who's to say other condo owners or private entities wouldn't ask for the same thing?


Paul Mengert, CEO of Association Management Group is a 20 year veteran of the HOA industry. He was commissioned by the US Government to write materials concerning the operations and management of homeowner associations. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, teaches advanced management classes for the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and has also taught in the Harvard Alumni Program at Queens University Business School.

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