Association Banking

AMG’s banking partnerships provide transactional convenience, often at greatly reduced costs. AMG’s CEO, Paul K. Mengert, has served on a bank advisory Board and understands how Associations can enhance their financial position through utilizing programs often not available to the general public. AMG’s relationships allow clients to accept payments by all major credit cards, by Pay Pal, and even over the telephone. All of this helps AMG’s clients collect their revenues faster and at lower costs, usually at no cost to the Association.

In today’s world, guarding against cyber and other financial crimes should be on everyone’s mind. AMG’s bank partnership affords our clients protections available through Mutual of Omaha bank, which has more than a century of experience protecting their clients’ assets. The company has earned top ratings starting with the fact that it is a Fortune 500 company.

In addition to AMG’s strong partnership with Mutual of Omaha, AMG works with many local, regional and other national financial institutions to meet the unique service needs of our clients.

AMG knows it is possible for community and condominium Associations to borrow money when necessary. AMG has assisted clients in raising funds for long-term planned capital enhancements as well as emergency repairs. Because of our relationships, we are able to assist clients with the planning necessary to receive bank or private financing if and when the need arises.