Community Maintenance

The size of scope of maintenance obligaitons vary widely by community. However, almost all communities have at least some property which they are resonsibile for maintaining.

AMG helps community leaders arrange effective maintenance plans whether your obligations are small or large. Successful operation of common areas hinges on understanding the necessity for a plan. Good plans lead to effective execution and efficient expenditure of your community’s limited resources.

In its role as property manager, AMG connects our clients with vendors who have experience providing services needed by the community. While AMG always encourages clients to consider all options before retaining vendors, often our experience or the experience of engineers, architects or contractors AMG works with is highly valued by our clients.

AMG also operates one of the finest handyman maintenance services in the Carolinas for more than 30 years. Our veteran maintenance staff are able to fix many small problems quickly. While AMG recommends seeking bids on larger projects, our own maintenance staff is available, as directed by the Board, to assist with smaller projects. Not only are we able to fix small issues quickly, but often we can do so at a lower cost than a third party. AMG’s 24-hour emergency hotline is available by calling our local office. AMG’s manager and maintenance staff are always available to provide emergency services 24/7-365. Operationally, one of our goals is to minimize emergencies. By assisting the Association with proper planning, AMG can reduce the number of emergencies dramatically. However, even with the best planning, pipes still break and trees still fall at inopportune times, and we are always available to assist.