Guidance and Enforcement

Condominium and community associations are governed by legal documents. While they all have a role in determining how a community is operated, their importance and priority are as follows:

  • Recorded map, plat or plan
  • Declaration, CC&Rs, or master deed
  • Proprietary lease or occupancy agreement
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Resolutions

In addition to the legal documents, associations are governed, as are all corporations, first by federal law, second by state law, and third by municipal law. Typically each has statutes or ordinances, court cases and administrative rulings. Familiarity with all of these is important to understand your duty as a community leader.

AMG’s role is to link community leaders to information that empowers them to efficiently and effectively serve their communities.

Effective enforcement begins with effective education. Communities that explain and educate the rules, covenants and laws that affect their owners have significantly higher compliance than those who do not. When violations do occur, AMG has a proven system to help gain compliance without adversely impacting customer satisfaction.