Member Communications

AMG CONNECTS enables AMG to quickly and efficiently communicate with community leaders and members. AMG has leveraged technology to seamlessly distribute communications electronically and by conventional mail when needed.

Our system allows for the fastest dispatch of important information to residents at the touch of a button, saving our communities time and money while preventing headaches.

Our large investment in proprietary systems and technology gets more information out faster to community constituencies. 

Utilizing a data base of professionally written letters, AMG property managers are able to succinctly distribute information to members. In many cases, members are able to respond electronically, reducing the time it takes to interact with your community Association. It is easy to understand why these systems have earned AMG the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry.

“Since we hired AMG, we know exactly what is going on in our community. Now more members are paying their assessments and smiling when they are attending community meetings.”