AMG Advantage

We are expert problem solvers

AMG’s proactive approach to problem solving allows us to successfully offer efficient and effective solutions. Our secret? Attention to detail. From the very beginning and throughout the process, AMG’s attention to detail directly benefits our customers, saving them time, money … and headaches.

We know the value of a quick response

Great solutions in the community management business are worthless if not delivered in a timely manner. For AMG, quickly responding to our clients is a hallmark of our services, and our high customer satisfaction ratings are directly related to our ability to rapidly respond to inquiries – from maintenance issues to payment questions.

We are community focused

AMG completely understands the true meaning of “home is where the heart is,” and takes very seriously the responsibility for keeping homes and neighborhoods running smoothly. Our community managers are highly sensitive to the needs of each of their communities, understanding their unique goals and objectives. We are dedicated to building relationships and helping neighborhoods transform into close-knit, thriving communities.

Full range of services

Each community we manage is unique, which is why we conduct extensive research up front to determine the services that will most benefit the community. While we deliver literally hundreds of services to our communities, the following are most valued by customers: