Five Key Factors To Operating A Successful HOA Meeting.

Great HOA boards hold efficient, productive meetings while still offering a platform for  homeowners to air opinions and board members to discuss, debate and take action on various issues. There are five key factors to operating a successful board meeting.

Having a set format or procedure for the meetings will help keep things running smoothly. Some associations abide by the Robert's Rules of Order and many simply have their own meeting procedure.

Having all board members in one mindset with one common goal is essential in running successful meetings.

Great boards with dedicated members will successfully handle all of these areas while conducting the meeting.

  • Keep the meeting running on time and according to the planned agenda.
  • Remain clear on priorities and keep them in order. (Don't get sidetracked)
  • Delegate responsibility for every action or implemented item voted on
  • Focus on the success of the overall meeting
  • Listen to and manage homeowners comments and complaints with professionalism.