Ways Neighbors Can Help Neighbors During a Hurricane

We have just entered the 2017 hurricane season. In past years the Carolinas have fallen victim to devastating storms. At AMG we want to help homeowners keep their homes safe and reduce injury from storms. Hurricanes and tropical systems can cause serious damage on both coastal and inland areas. Their hazards can come in many forms including: storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds and tornadoes. To prepare for these powerful storms, AMG is encouraging families, businesses, and individuals to be aware of their risks; have a community preparedness plan; prepare your home, workplace and community.

When you live in an area where hurricanes are a risk, planning is essential. Here are some ways  you might be able to help your neighbors. If you live in a community, your neighbors can be a great help in case of an emergency, and you can also be of service to your neighbors. Working together can help keep everyone safe. A community working together during an emergency makes sense. 

Here are some ways you can help neighbors (and they can help you) in case of a hurricane:

Get to know your neighbors. Think about people in your neighborhood who may need your help, for example:
Older people living by themselves;
People with physical or sensory disabilities;
People with a chronic illness or with a mental illness; single parents with young children; large families; 
People newly arrived, including tourists, refugees or immigrants.
Talk to your neighbors to identify those who may need assistance

If you are an HOA board member or leader of your community association you may want to consider a community plan and getting the information out to the residents:

Where to go for community resources

How to prep your home, close and lock hurricane-proof windows, seal all openings, secure rooftops and yard items

Emergency phone numbers

Community associations can get residents involved and working together by holding safety and preparedness events. Use the space in your association newsletter to communicate preparedness information to the residents of the community. Here is a list of items that might be helpful in the event of a hurricane.

Batteries (in different sizes!)  
First aid kit
Duct tape
Rain gear
Battery operated radio
Clock (wind-up or battery-powered)
Plastic garbage bags
Fire extinguisher
Can Opener
Clean clothes
Extra blankets
Heavy gloves

If your community association becomes aware of impending storms, it is helpful to notify residents of some home preparedness items they can do to get ready. Here is a list to share with the residents of your community:

Remove outdoor items
Trim dead branches from trees
Board up windows
Fill gas tanks and extra containers
Get extra cash
Move furniture away from windows
Store important documents in waterproof containers
Extra supply of medicines
Prepare for the needs of pets
Another great way to get your residents involved is holding a canned food drive to collect items to distribute before the big storm arrives. Here is a list of items residents should have on hand during any emergency.

Bottled water (1 gallon/person/day) 
Bottled juice
Two coolers: One for drinks & one for food
Canned foods
Manual can opener
Dry pet food
Medic-alert tags
Insect-repellent sprays
Feminine hygiene items
First aid kit
Prescription medication
Over-the-counter medication
Children's medicine
Adhesive tape
Antiseptic solution

If you are having an actual emergency please dial 911 immediately. Please be aware and publish all emergency contact numbers.

For more information on how AMG helps serve community associations visit our website at http://www.amgworld.com