Five Ways Your HOA Shows Love to the Community

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Often times residents in HOA communities are not fond of the Homeowners Association. Many times residents feel their HOA has too many rules and regulations. Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Let’s consider these 5 things a Homeowners Association does for the community.

1.    Your HOA takes care of your community in many ways to make it enjoyable and beautiful. They maintain the common area lawns and landscaping year around, including maintaining pools, playgrounds, leisure equipment and golf courses.   

2.    Your HOA provides amenities for your family enjoyment and livelihood. It provides enjoyable facilities like community club houses with recreational equipment, pools, golf courses and playgrounds. Some communities also provide golf courses for HOA members.

3.    Your HOA puts into place regulations for all members to abide by to help standardize the community and uphold property and home values. It's always important to review your CCR's and know what standards are in each community. You are required to participate in these standards to help make it a better living experience for all residents in your community.

4.    Your HOA deals with municipalities and local government's with respect to sidewalks, street lighting and other safety items within communities.   If this type of equipment needs repaired or replaced, your HOA will work with local governing bodies to handle the situations.

5.    Your HOA has a fiduciary responsibility to dues and fees paid by its members. Your HOA uses this money for the upkeep, preservation, addition and maintenance of all areas within the community where needed. It's important that members know that your HOA is responsibly using their dues and fees for the betterment of the local community and its residents.