Playground Safety In Your HOA - National Playground Safety Week 2018 is April 23-27.


National Playground Safety Week 2018 is April 23-27. National Playground Safety Week is a time to focus on children's outdoor play environments. 

State laws and regulations addressing playground safety. 

Nearly 80 percent of playground injuries are caused by falls. Some of the top equipment associated with injuries are climbers, swings, slides climbing bars and jungle gyms, according to the National Program for Playground Safety.

  • It is estimated that close to 220,000 children 14 or under went to the ER for injuries associated with playground equipment in 2011.
  • 57% of estimated playground-related injuries treated in ERs occurred at either schools or parks.
  • Falls account for over 75% of all playground-related injuries.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has come up with playground hazards you should watch out for when taking your kids to the park. SOURCE  Click here to see the details.

Summer is on the way and so is outdoor play activity.  The sound of children playing outside is one of the many joys of the warm weather months.

Many HOA's have community amenities and offer community playgrounds which can be a liability. Every HOA board should consult a professional equipment installer to ensure that playgrounds are built according to safety standards and maintained properly. Inspections should be scheduled yearly to keep your playground safe and free from equipment failures that can cause accidents. 

HOA's should have proper Liability insurance for amenities including playgrounds, covering construction, maintenance and liability issues.  It is important when there are accidents or injuries that occur on common property. For example, if playground equipment breaks and isn't repaired, resulting in a child getting hurt.

If you are in a community and see problems with playground equipment or if a playground is unsafe, report the equipment to the HOA so they can repair it quickly. And remember, there is no substitute for parental supervision.

From the smallest condominium to the largest lifestyle community, resident amenities are a fundamental advantage to living in a community Association. These amenities may be as grand as golf courses, lakes and pools or as humble as a unique sitting area. No matter how large or small the amenities, prompt, proper and cost-effective operations are vital to that community.