Four ways your HOA prepare the community for Spring


Spring is upon us and it’s time for the dreaded chore of spring cleaning. This can be a daunting task for most homeowners to get started.

Spring cleaning can begin in your local community. Homeowners Associations can help residents get in the mood and start thinking about their spring cleaning at home.

Here are four things your home or association can do to get the season started and encourage homeowners to jump on the bandwagon and start sprucing up for the warmer weather.

1. HOAs should start early on some of the spring-cleaning items that will make residence want to be ready for the warmer weather. The first thing the HOA board should do is call their local pool service and have the community pool uncovered from the winter, cleaned and all chemicals prepared so the residents can enjoy this amenity as soon as the warm weather breaks.

2.  HOAs should hire and engage the services of a lawn maintenance company to begin mowing, removing leaves, debris and other items left from the winter. It would be a great idea to have your landscaper start planting a few spring plants around the common areas of your community. Once homeowners hear the lawnmowers start up and see the community start to take on new life for the spring season, it will help get them in the mood to do the same. Soon you will have mowers starting up on lawns throughout the neighborhood.

3.  A newsletter should be sent out every spring with activities that are planned for the spring and summer, like tips for spring cleaning, improvements that are coming to the community and much more. After a long cold winter, homeowners begin to look forward to outdoor activities and enjoying the amenities of their community. Newsletters are a great way to get families excited about their community. Make sure to include local events outside of your immediate neighborhood, such as city athletics and sporting events, parades, cleanup days and other local town events that families can go out and do together.

4. Plan community spring and summer events within your community. Spring gatherings, egg hunts, community clean ups, spring community garage sales are just a few examples of events.